As the residents spend five, life-changing years together, they form a unique bond with one another...bonds that will last a lifetime.  They become more then just residents and professional colleagues; they become close friends and a tight knit family.

Life in Lansing 

Mid Michigan is an exciting, active region.  Lansing, the state capital of Michigan, offers recreational activities such as riding along the River Walk Trail or golfing at any of the outstanding golf courses.  Exploring our vibrant arts communities, such as Old Town, or attending the any of the arts fairs is fascinating.  For the kid in us, visiting Potter Park Zoo or cheering on our Lansing Lugnuts, our class A minor league baseball team, is way fun.  Further, East Lansing, the home of Michigan State University- a world renown, research university-is right next door.  This lends itself to many other opportunities-whether it be cheering on the Spartans at a Big 10 contest or attending any of the many plays, musicals, and concerts at the Wharton Center.  All in all, Mid Michigan is a very family friendly, small metro area!

Salary & Benefits

The Sparrow/MSU General Surgery Residency offers a generous compensation package, including a competitive salary with full benefits.  Many amenities are offered such as a discounted membership to the Michigan Athletic Club, one the the nation's leading independent health fitness facilities, and Spa, which is located in the hospital lobby, offering concierge services.

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