Dr. Lindsey


General Surgery is a very rewarding specialty!  Few have the opportunity to dramatically affect one's life, as well as their family and friends, as a general surgeon. Consequently, the training is challenging, rigorous, and exciting.  Our residents are incredibly supportive of one another knowing the faculty and program have their best interests at heart.  Our primary goal is to help you achieve yours-whether that is pursing fellowship training or going into practice-be it community, academic, or military. Our residents graduate with an extensive clinical experience and a lifetime of memories.

Our Mission Statement and Program Aims are the following:

Mission Statement 
Sparrow/MSU General Surgery Residency Program is a university and community based program working in two communities (Lansing and Flint). We are committed to the education of compassionate and competent surgeons who are dedicated to patient care and the advancement of the art and science of surgery.

Program Aims 
The Sparrow/MSU Residency Program in General Surgery has the following goals: 

  1. Teach the interested and committed residents and students to provide the highest quality of patient care while promoting healthy, well balanced life styles. 
  2. Educate future surgeons to be leaders in their respective surgical communities and possess superior clinical and technical surgical skills using research and technology to achieve competence 
  3. Provide expert and responsible patient-centered care to our patients. 
  4. Promote evidence-based surgical practice, education and training to our residents. 
  5. Foster and facilitate clinical and basic science research to advance the science of surgery and excellent patient care.